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Hair care products can vary greatly in standards and efficacy. Here at S we use and promote what we believe to be the best combination of both price and quality in the business – CLYNOL. Clynol hair products are used throughout the world and provide the highest quality hair care products.

For colouring we use Goldwell preparations as these are, in the best judgement of our principal stylist, the market leader in their field and provide unsurpassed colours and 'fastness' over time as well as being kind to your hair and scalp.


Click to go to Clynol on the WebPushing your boundaries and challenging yourself are essential elements of professional growth. We aren’t just passionate about education, we’re obsessive. Our technical consultants, tutors and guest artists are at your disposal, inviting you to be informed, inspired, entertained and educated – with Clynol.

We work in a business that celebrates beauty, creativity and individuality. It’s all about people who demand the best in style, performance and convenience. It’s also one of the most competitive industries there is.

As a brand, Clynol is inspiring, thought–provoking, quietly confident. Modern yet natural, alluring and self assured, it’s for women who are at one with themselves. As well as effortless style, limitless confidence and timeless appeal, it has an outstanding reputation based on real excellence.

Available at S

Clynol products at S Salon The Clynol products in our shop range from ‘leave in’ conditioners, colour protection shampoos, volumising shampoos, seep cleaning shampoos, hair treatments, hairsprays, waxes, volume lotion and shine sprays. These will all help give you the ultimate best effect to suit your hair type.

Before we begin any course of treatment we give each client an individual consultation which will help us determine the right combination of products to give you your best desired look. This includes an assessment of your particular hair type and colour.

We also take a long term view in respect of the best treatments as hair, being organic of course, takes time to grow into its natural fullness and shape. This natural process is what we build on and work with in order to develop and enhanced your best look.