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Our Philosophy

The art of styling and cutting revolves around the five basic cuts, combined to enhance the contours and shape of the face. This, and the hair type you have, are what gives you your individual unique look. Our combination of skills and experience are all focussed on getting the best result possible for each and every client.

The Five Styles

Mastering these five archetypal stylistic cuts are fundamental to becoming a top stylist who can respond with insight and creativity to the various face shapes and hair types which clients bring to us. With a knowledge of these basic shapes one can construct each cut with a unique blend that forms the emergence of a single individual hair style tailored to suit your particular facial structure. This takes a combination of experience and creative imagination such as only the best stylists possess.

We are confident that you will find exactly that with us. Our years of experience as well having trained with the best in the business gives us this particular skill and we will bring our best talents to bear on providing you with the highest quality in hair styling.

Artwork by Anne Yvonne Gilbert.